2018 SEASON DATES  First game on May 9. Fixtures scheduled up to July 11.
July 18 & July 25 will be rain days


Proposals being put forward at the Gloucester Evening Cricket League 2017 AGM
The AGM will be held on Wednesday 31 January 2018

POSSIBLE CHANGES TO THE FORMAT The driver for (a) to (c) is to reduce conceded games

a) Reduced team size in the lower Divisions (which can be increased if both captains agree
beforehand). (i) 11,10,9,8 for Divs 1-4 respectively, or (ii)11,11,9,9 or whatever

b) If agreed team size is 9 or 8, then bowler limit increased to 25% overs per bowler

c) Fewer overs, with starts at 6.30pm

d) Is there any appetite to have some interface with the CGCA Challenge Cup?
Maybe our top
two teams at the end of June go into the CGCA knock-out?





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