It seems Brimpsfield & Brimpsfield Cricket Club was initially formed in 1906 when it was played under the captaincy of T Hayward who farmed Birdlip Farm. Records are vague for this period but is assumed that the team disbanded at the time of the First World War and not reformed until the late 1920's when three Partridge brothers, Martin Snr, Nat Snr and Bob Snr, founded the Club as we know it today.
Upon its reformation the Club played in a field adjacent to the Cheltenham Road. It then had a ground in Brimpsfield with a few games played at Nettleton Bottom opposite the Golden Heart. The Club then moved to it's previous ground at Highgate in 1934. The ground was lent to the Club by John Kendall who was Club President and Captained the side from 1934 to 1948 apart intervening years of the Second World War. Despite leaving the area in 1948 he continue to be President until his death in 1975. The ground was sold along with the farm to Gilbert Grinnell and his sons John and Robert, who kindly let the Club continue to use the ground.
In 1981 the Club was gifted land in Birdlip village by then current President Wing Commander H M Sinclair, to form it's own cricket ground. The land was immediately regraded and the 'square' formed with sowing taking place in the late summer of that year. In recognition of such a generous gift, which has secured the long term future of this Club, the ground was named Sinclair Field. Contraction of the pavilion started in May 1982 on a DIY bases thanks to members, family and friends. The Club commenced playing at the Sinclair Field in 1983, with the old tea room from Highgate used whilst construction continued on the pavilion. In 1985 work was completed on The Martin J Partridge Pavilion and formally opened by commentator Peter West on 23rd June. The occasion saw a Club eleven take on a Gloucestershire Club & Ground XI.
The 50's and 60's BBCC was a formidable team with loses a rare occasion. The late 60's saw the advent of league cricket and the Club was one of the early participants in the Stroud League and spent many years in it's top division. Mid 80's saw the Club expand to a 2nd XI as new players were attracted to the Club along with younger players progressing from the junior set up.

The Club's unique emblem of the Silver Fox was derived from the time when Highgate Farm (previous location) reared and bred these rare animals.
The centre of the cricket square is 950 feet above sea level which puts as one of the highest ground in the county and probably the south of the country.

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