We are looking ahead to the summer of 2017 and junior cricket
at Birdlip & Brimpsfield Cricket Club.


We are looking to focus on the following areas:

1. Continue coaching the children we worked with in 2016. Our focus are the children that came to the club from our work with the 'Chance to Shine' project at the schools and the children that came to us who live locally. We will continue developing children who want to work with a soft ball. We also want to introduce hard ball cricket and take children onto the next stage. Outdoor coaching would begin in late April / beginning of May and run through until the summer holidays. Membership this season will be 40.

2. Continue with 'Chance to Shine' at both Birdlip and Miserden Primary schools. We will deliver another 6 week programme in the schools after Easter. We would then run migration sessions hoping to attract more children to the club.

3. Competitive cricket - we would like to offer the children more opportunities to experience match situations with both soft ball and hard ball. This would be through further Taverners style matches, like the games we played at Woodmancote at the end of the season (8 aside games where every child experiences batting and bowling). We would look to organise more games as the summer progresses. Looking at the ages of children from 2016, children would now fall into under 11 and under 13 age categories.

In the past children have encouraged their school friends to come along to the club and this has helped with numbers. I hope this will continue.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Kind Regards
Ian Green


Youth Archive



 Here we see the U13 at Frocester on the 12th August 2007.
 They beat Frocester 'B' 227-218 to take the League Championship
 Dominic Barrington presented with cup as 'Junior Cricketer of the year 2005 at Painswick on 30th April 2006
 U13 XI Robin Wheeler, Lloyd Evans, T.Warren, S.Warren, Dominic Barrington, Josh Roberts, Ben Robinson,
 George Bence & Nick Edwards
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